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Almanac Committee

This committee is responsible for the creation of the Aureus yearbook. This book is full of activities and highlights from...

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Amsterdam Career Days

The ACD is an event for students who want to start their future career, and welcomes about 2,000 students and...

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Amsterdam Research Project Board

Every year the ARP board does consultancy research in collaboration with the faculty for five weeks for multinationals in a...

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Amsterdam Research Project (ARP) • Participants

The Amsterdam Research Project is an elite, international research project that is organized and coordinated by students and professors of...

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Aureus Academy

The Aureus Academy provides students with the perfect opportunity to acquire and improve skills that are not taught at the...

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Aureus Business Week

The ABW is an event that connects companies and students through a challenging and interactive program.

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Aureus Development Program

The goal of this committee is to broaden students’ horizons while assisting a non-profit organization active in a developing country...

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Bachelor Trip

This committee is the Bachelor Trip committee, who organizes our biggest trip abroad for over 70 other students!

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Content Committee

This team is responsible for making the Aureus content, for example weekly articles about interesting topics and for designing the...