About • Study Association Aureus


Aureus is the Study Association for all the bachelor and masters students at the School of Business and Economics. About 4,000 members make Aureus one of the largest and most active Study Associations in the Netherlands. Aureus’ mission is to provide students in the faculty with extra benefits by offering them a range of services and activities.


The Aureus Study Association was founded in 1948, when students of economics at VU University Amsterdam united to form the ‘Economic Study Association at the VU’. The association focused most of its efforts on organizing excursions. By the late 1960s, the association had been renamed the ‘VESVU’ (Association of Economics Students at the VU). The name change meant that the association had to become more professional. ‘VESVU’ transformed from being mainly a social club into a student trade union-like organization. This changed again in the 1980s, as students gradually lost interest in their right to participation. The student trade union image faded into the background and the ‘VESVU’ resumed its social function. At this point, the association also started distributing study material, such as summaries, to its members.