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Aureus Bookstore

As a member of Aureus you get 15% discount on all of your study books! You can purchase these discounted books at the VU Bookstore in the main hall or online through the webshop below.

If you are not a member of Aureus yet, you can do so for free and secure your discount by clicking the button below!

please note: you have to create a new, separate account in the VU Bookstore before you can purchase your discounted books. Make sure to use the same credentials as in your Aureus account to properly process your discount.

Second-Hand Books

Do you want to save money by reselling your old books? Then go to the Second-Hand section of the VU Bookstore and fill in the ISBN number here to check whether it’s still sold within the Vrije Universiteit. If it is, you can then hand it in at the VU Bookstore and sit back & relax until your old books are sold!