I. Identity of association and definitions

Aureus is the Study Association of SBE, Vrije Universiteit. Aureus operates with the KvK number 40538556. Visiting address: De Boelelaan 1105, room 8A-32, 1081 HV, Amsterdam. Postal address: De Boelelaan 1105, room 8A-68, 1081 HV, Amsterdam. Phone number: 020-5986135. Study year starts every year at August 1st.

II. Applicability

  1. The terms and conditions apply for the membership of Aureus. By becoming a member of Aureus, you confirm that you are familiar with the terms and conditions and that you agree with all the membership related activities of Aureus as described in the articles of the general terms and conditions.
  2. If you do not agree with any of the statements in the general terms and conditions, please submit a written request to [email protected] prior to becoming a member. Aureus will consider a different provision and will give notice of this between 14 days (2 weeks). If you do not agree with any of the statements in the general terms and conditions, you may be restricted from services provided by Aureus.
  3. Exceptions from the general terms and conditions can only be made written with a signature of both parties (the student and Aureus).

III. Membership


  1. Membership is open for everyone studying at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam.
  2. Your membership is personal and you cannot transfer your membership to another person. You are responsible for the password of your account on the Aureus website and you are not allowed to grant access to any third party under any circumstances.
  3. Membership is for free.
  4. Membership will be automatically renewed at the start of a new academic year. If you quit or finished your study at the SBE VU, your membership will continue until the end of the next academic year. After that, Aureus will terminate your membership.
  5. Aureus has the right to terminate a membership for any reason, at any time, with notice to you.


  1. You can become a member at every period in time.
  2. You are a member until termination. Termination can be done by the member or by Aureus during the entire year. The member will terminate the membership by sending an email to [email protected] including a formal statement of cancellation of your membership.
  3. The membership will end automatically when:
    1. The person is no longer subscribed for a study at the VU (membership continues until one year after graduation).
    2. The person passed away.

IV. Events

  1. To participate in any Aureus event, you are obligated to be an Aureus member.
  2. When you sign up to an event, you agree with Aureus’ no show policy. The no show policy includes charge- free cancellation of participation for the event until 48 hours before the start of the event. However, if the cancellation is within 48 hours of the event, the participant does not show up during the event or when the participant does not inform the organization of presence to person with the participation list, the participant will be fined with 15 euros. This will be collected from the bank account as submitted by the participant with the application for the event. In special circumstances, the board is allowed to make exceptions. Cancellation should be submitted to [email protected] or to the specific committee email as mentioned in the confirmation email of the subscription. Both cancellations are valid.
  3. In case of cancellation or relocation of an Aureus event, Aureus will inform the members as good as possible. In case of cancellation of an Aureus event due to circumstances beyond Aureus’ control, Aureus is not liable to repay the participation fee.
  4. Some events include a CV selection. By using CV selection, the participating companies can choose students whom match with its preferred job profile and wishes. Aureus will make your CV anonymous (remove contact details) and no further changes will be applied to your CV. Aureus cannot influence the selection of students, because this will be done by the participating company. Therefore, Aureus is not responsible for the selection of students. After the student participated in the CV selection event, Aureus is allowed to hand over the complete CV of the student to the specific company.

V. Contribution

  1. Some product or events at the Aureus site require a contribution. This will be mentioned while ordering the product/event, and the order of a product/event will be completed after payment. Aureus cannot guarantee that the services which are offered on the website are all available. As a participant of an Aureus event, it is possible to withdraw possible costs of an Aureus event 7 days prior to the start of the event, unless stated otherwise in the application form of the website. Withdrawal from participation within 7 days prior to the event results in an additional cancellation fee, which is dependent on the event (and the costs that are already made for you).
  2. Aureus is allowed to withdraw money from the bank account of the member as a result of the no show policy. The collection of money will be announced to the member 2 weeks prior to the collection.

VI. Privacy

  1. When you become member of Aureus or when you apply for committee membership, you provide Aureus with some personal information. By uploading/sending this information to the Aureus website or webshop, you grant Aureus an irrevocable, unconditional, unlimited, perpetual, and royalty-free license to use this data or any part of this, in any way it seems fit, in some or all media (except for copies of passports/identity cards and personal data on CV’s without the purpose of student selection for an event). Moreover, in doing so, you renounce your so-called morel or similar rights regarding the data. In the event that Aureus would sell or transfer its – or parts of its – business activities to a third party, Aureus had and maintains the right to also sell or transfer your data within the rules of the Dutch law.
  2. Whenever a member wants to have insight in his or her personal data obtained by Aureus, he or she can contact Aureus by sending an email to [email protected].
  3. Whenever a member wants to change his or her personal information, this can be done via profile page on the website or by contacting Aureus by sending an email to [email protected].
  4. Whenever a member wishes to cancel his/her membership at Aureus, they can contact Aureus by sending an email to [email protected] specifically indicating they wish to end their membership, and can ask Aureus to delete all personal information after which Aureus will have to adhere.
  5. Aureus is authorized to provide your details to carefully selected organizations which Aureus considers as interesting for you, matching your needs and interests. Moreover, Aureus uses your information for promotional purposes of Aureus services and events and for commercial purposes (by sending you emails for example).
  6. Aureus is allowed to process the data that you fill in on the Aureus website and to save them into one or more files.
  7. Aureus is allowed to use pictures and video material made from you during Aureus events for internal and external use both. Aureus will take good care of these materials and will not sell the materials to third parties unless specifically indicated otherwise.
  8. Aureus is authorized to compare the Aureus membership information with the SBE VU information in order to guarantee updated membership information. You will give permission to the VU to update your personal information in the Aureus database on yearly basis for your duration of your enrollment at the VU.
  9. By sending an email to [email protected], you can declare that you do not agree with VI.1 or VI.4 and Aureus will not use your information anymore for these purposes.
  10. It is not allowed to use the information you receive form either Aureus or a sponsor of Aureus, or anything from the website of Aureus for other than personal objectives. The information may not be used for any other purpose, including duplicating it or making the information public without prior written permission of Aureus.

VII. Guarantee of accurate and true information

  1. You warrant Aureus a guarantee that all the information that you enter in the registration form or anywhere else in the website of Aureus while using it, is accurate and true. If Aureus has a valid reason to believe that the information provided is incomplete, untrue, misleading or incorrect, Aureus is entitled to delete the information, and if so wishes, to terminate the membership entirely.

VIII. Changes

  1. Aureus has the right to change the general terms and conditions of Aureus in any moment in time when Aureus considers this as necessary, without prior notice. The new general terms and conditions will be published on Aureus.nl and members are recommended to check the website regularly.

IX. Liability

  1. Aureus is not liable for any loss, theft or damage, whatever nature, in possession of participants of activities or users of the services/events of Aureus. Aureus is also not liable for the consequences or indirect damage of the not/not in time/not right performance of Aureus.
  2. Aureus is not liable for any damages resulting from the use of the Aureus site and webshop.
  3. Aureus is not liable for any information or communication that is not provided by Aureus.
  4. Aureus is only liable for the damage which is a direct consequence of an accountable mistake of Aureus in the execution of the obligations of Aureus as mentioned in the general terms and conditions.
  5. The liability of Aureus is limited to the amount that is covered by the insurance of Aureus in the specific case. In case of not covering/not paying out of the insurance, Aureus liability is limited to 250 euro in total for the situation.
  6. Aureus is not liable in case of intentional damage by the student or in the case of recklessness.

X. Intellectual property

  1. Aureus holds the rights and qualifications which belong to Aureus according to the Dutch copyright law and other intellectual law and regulations. Aureus is allowed to use this for other purposes.
  2. Everything on the website of Aureus belongs to Aureus. If you find any material on the website which you believe infringes any third party or property right, please contact Aureus. Aureus cannot be held responsible for the information provided on the website.
  3. When becoming/being a member of Aureus, the transfer of intellectual property is ruled out in any case. Members are not allowed to provide third parties of intellectual properties without written, signed permission of Aureus.

XI. Applicable law, complaints and disputes

  1. The Dutch law is applicable on the general terms and conditions of Aureus.
  2. The authorized court in Amsterdam is exclusively authorized to deal with disputes, unless the Dutch law insists otherwise. Nevertheless, Aureus holds the right to submit the dispute to the authorized judge by Dutch law.
  3. Parties will first try excessively to solve the dispute by consultation before they involve the judge.
  4. In the event when one or more terms of the general terms and condition are void or voidable, the concerning term will be replaced by a valid provision that has the same effect.
  5. Complaints about the execution of the agreement should be submitted by Aureus by the member within reasonable time, clearly defined and complete after the member established a deficiency.
  6. The complaints submitted to Aureus will be answered between 14 days (2 weeks), starting from the date of receipt of the complaint. If the complaint required more time to process, Aureus will give notice of this to the member within 14 days (2 weeks) including an indication of time to process the complaint fully.

XII. Additional terms

  1. Additional general terms and conditions should not be at the expense of the members and they should be submitted written in a way that the member could store this.
  2. For any questions about the general terms and conditions of Aureus, please send an email to [email protected]. We will respond to you as soon as possible.
  3. Breaking one of the articles mentioned in the general terms and conditions can be sanctioned by Aureus.
  4. In case of conflicting articles in the general terms and conditions or in any situation considering Aureus, the general terms and conditions apply any time. Aureus will provide clarification in these certain situations.
  5. The communication between Aureus and its members can be done written, orally and electronically.