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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision Aureus

The mission of Aureus is to support students in their need of development during their studies, in preparation for the next step after the SBE. Whether this development is focused on a social, academic, career or skills aspect, Aureus offers various diverse events to meet the needs of the students. Therefore, Aureus works according to the four different pillars:

  • Social 
  • Skill 
  • Academic 
  • Career

The core values which are at the heart of Aureus are:

  • Accessibility: Aureus wants to be an approachable association for all stakeholders. Besides, Aureus is open to all initiatives and influences from outside of the organization.
  • Development: Aureus values the continuous development of her members while continuously developing and improving herself.
  • Professionalism: Aureus puts quality and professionalism on the first place when offering her services and activities for and by students, the faculty and businesses.

The vision of Aureus is to be open to new initiatives and trends throughout time in order to successfully fulfill the needs of the student. Therefore, we evaluate the current trends every year, to ensure that we remain relevant to all students of the SBE.