Almanac Committee

  • Pillar: Skills + Social
  • Workload: 3-5 hours per week
  • Time: October – June

The Almanac Committee is responsible for the creation of the Aureus yearbook. This book is full of activities and highlights that have taken place in the past academic year. The goal of this committee is to come up with a theme and to collect material during the year. The collected material consists of (funny) pictures, quotes, events, bloopers and many more.  Writing articles, designing and presenting the book are also part of the tasks and challenges this committee faces. The Almanac committee consists of six active members of Aureus, who will work together to come up with the most original ideas and to publish the best yearbook in history.

What do I learn as a committee member?

As a member of the Almanac committee, you will learn how to create and design a book with Adobe Indesign from scratch. Besides, you will learn how to work in a team, structure all materials, communicate with the people within and outside the association, take decisions and acquire sponsors. Your creativity will be tested and you will be up to date about the latest gossips within the association.