Go to "1. Choose your Master programme"

1. Choose your Master programme

Not sure which master is most suitable? Use our Master Orientation Service!

Go to "2. Boost your LinkedIn"

2. Boost your LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a checktool, the social selling index (SSI), where you can have your LinkedIn profile rated on several measurement scales. Curious about your current SSI ranking?

Go to "3. Check your CV & LinkedIn"

3. Check your CV & LinkedIn

Do you want personal feedback on your CV and LinkedIn? Use our CV & LinkedIn check by the Carrièrebus!

Go to "4. Job Orientation"

4. Job Orientation

Interested in relevant job opportunities? Visit our career platform!

Go to "5. Write a motivation letter"

5. Write a motivation letter

Need tips to write a structured motivation letter?

Go to "6. Practice E-assessments"

6. Practice E-assessments

Would you like to practice E-assessments? Aureus offers a discount on practicing e-assessments via HelloTest!

Go to "7. Prepare your job interview"

7. Prepare your job interview

Need to prepare your job interview?

Go to "8. Practice cases"

8. Practice cases

Need to prepare for a case interview? Check out tips on the website via the link below!

Go to "9. Dress up for an business event"

9. Dress up for an business event

Need tips on how to dress up for a business event?