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Step 1. Choose your MSc programme

First of all, choosing your Master’s programme is not an easy question. During your time as a Bachelor student, it is important to orientate on fields you find interesting and to broaden your knowledge base to prepare yourself for a Master’s programme.

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Step 2. Job Orientation

Just as choosing your Master’s programma is not an easy choice, to know what kind of job you want to start with may be even more difficult. For both Bachelor and Master students it is important to start orientating on possible job opportunities during your study time.

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Step 3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online social network application that helps you build and engage with your professional network. Over the years, LinkedIn has developed itself into an important network tool for employers and job seekers. It is an excellent tool to make sure that you can be found by recruiters.

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Step 4. CV

Your curriculum vitae literally means your life cycle. Your CV is a written overview of your experience and other qualifications for a job opportunity. Your resume is the most important document in your application process. Employers literally scan your resume in less than a minute.

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Step 5. Motivation Letter

A good first impression starts with your resume and motivation letter. Customizing them to the company and to the vacancy you are applying for increases your likelihood of success. After following the first four steps the Aureus Advice section, it is time for the next step: the motivation letter.

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Step 6. E-assessments

(E-)assessments are an important part of job application procedures in the Netherlands. In general, there are several types of assessments tests. Most of them are online aptitude tests, but part of them are also personal assessment tests. Most tests test your ability for analytical reasoning.

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Step 7. Job Interview

Whether you are new in the job market or already have gained some work experience, feeling nervous in advance of a job interview can occur. On this page some advice will be given, which can be helpful when preparing for an interview. Some of the advice might seem quite obvious, but is nevertheless very important.

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Step 8. Cases

Some companies use case interviews in their selection process in order to test specific capabilities (prioritizing, analytical skills, problem solving, communicating skills, etc.). Case interviews are mostly used in job interviews at strategy consulting firms, but these kind of interviews can be also used in other industries. It is very

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