Dress to impress • How to dress for business events

As a student, you often come into contact with companies. Because most people are not the easiest at finding an appropriate outfit, this week’s blog is about how to dress for specific business events and how to save time in your closet searching for one. It is of course very important to give a good first impression to a company before the contact between you and the company is made. Well begun is half done!

In corporate life, business is the most common dress code that exists. When you walk along the Zuidas you will see most of the people wearing suits and dresses. This is the outfit people are wearing when they’re at work or going to various internal or external business events. Within business, you can vary between different outfits.


In the business category, you will mostly find men with suits, ties, and closed shoes. In general, ladies can vary more with this dress code than man. Ladies have the choice of a skirt, dress, pantsuit or trousers. For this kind of dress code, it is very important to buy an outfit where the colors match. Furthermore, busy prints and very bright colors are not recommended. In addition to business, there are 3 business casual dress codes.

Business casual Classic

This is the most formal look of the three. This look is characterized in men’s example by a jacket, shirt and khaki pants. A tie is not mandatory, but it is allowed to wear one. Ladies are recommended to wear a blouse with either beautiful pants or a skirt. White and blue are the colors that are widely used in business, as they radiate true reliability and loyalty.

Business casual Smart

This type is a lot less formal. You often see this dress code in companies on ‘casual Friday’. Yes, jeans are allowed with men, but only the more neat version finished with a jacket. To complete your smart casual look, you can wear a turtleneck or a business shirt. For ladies, closed shoes or at least shoes without visible toes are a must. A jacket is allowed, with a neat shirt and skinny jeans.

Business casual Relaxed

The most informal dress code among the casuals is the relaxed look. You can find this dress code on the golf course, for example. For this dress code, a nice pair of pants and a collar or collared shirt is prescribed. This usually is a polo with either long or short sleeves. You can choose to wear a v-neck sweater or spencer over it. The trick is to look casual and perfectly dressed at the same time. For ladies, this can be a dress or a nice pantsuit. A blouse that is worn in a casual way is allowed as well.

In conclusion, now you know exactly what to wear at business events. Can’t get enough? You can read the following blog as well if you want to check out what it’s like to run a clothing company.