Amsterdam Career Days

  • Pillar: Career + Skills
  • Workload: 16 – 20 hours per week
  • Time: March 2023 – March 2024

The Amsterdam Career Days is one of the largest career events in Amsterdam. In the 2022 edition of the Amsterdam Career Days 90 companies will participate and in most years around 2000 students attend the event.

The goal of the Amsterdam Career Days is to bridge the gap between companies and students by organizing a week full of company cases, workshops, lunches, network drinks, and many more! This way, students familiarize themselves with inspiring companies and look to start their career path.

What do I learn as a committee member?

You will learn to work and communicate in a diverse but fun team of eight students from the UvA and the VU. Becoming a member of this committee creates the perfect way to develop yourself. Depending on your position you are going to guide your team, acquire and negotiate with large and prestigious companies, develop an extensive online and offline promotion plan, or create and retain the budget of the ACD. You will gain persuasive and organizational skills, will learn how to deal with deadlines and how to act in a professional business environment.

What positions are there within the committee?

Chairman • As the team leader you are responsible for making sure the committee functions well, communication between all members is aligned and everyone stays motivated throughout the whole committee period. Next to that, the planning of the ACD itself and the preparation of all the meetings lies in your hands.

Head Acquisition/Controller • Within this function you will be responsible for keeping track of the activities of the other acquisition members. This entails dividing sectors among acquisition members, setting targets, keeping track of the progress of your acquisition team and their contacts and motivating everyone to do their part and take responsibility for this, however, you will not be doing acquisition yourself. Since the head acquisition is responsible for keeping an overview of the several packages that the acquisition team sells to companies, this function also entails the controller function. Head acquisition has a clear overview of the sales and revenues that are expected and is therefore able to establish the best and most reasonable budget. You will thus be responsible for guiding the acquisition team, as well as controlling the budget for the largest career event in Amsterdam.

Acquisition You will work in a close team of four acquisition members to acquire companies who will purchase activities at the event. You will have to persuade them to see the value this event has for them and do a lot of relationship management down the road towards the event as this is crucial for managing expectations.

Offline Marketing • You will be the main responsible person for designing all the tangible promotion material and will make the overall marketing planning. You will have to be creative to come up with new ways to reach students and to get their interest in the event. Think of big marketing stunts, it is all up to you!

Online Marketing • All the online channels of the Amsterdam Career Days will be in your control so that even more students can be reached. From designing Instagram stories to making a professional LinkedIn post, everything goes according to your online promotion strategy and planning. The ACD just had her rebranding which makes this function even more fun!

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Make sure you sign up before the deadline: the 19th of February 2023!