Aureus Academy

  • Pillar: Academic + Skills
  • Workload: 5-8 hours per week
  • Time: October – June

Career orientation and preparation for the job market is becoming increasingly important for students and the Aureus Academy are meant to support them in this matter. Therefore, the Aureus Academy provides students with the perfect opportunity to acquire and improve important practical skills that are not offered in regular lectures or tutorials. They support the students in their professional development as such that they can better prepare themselves for important moments like a job interview or important presentations.  The Aureus Academy comprises of, amongst others, interview techniques, personal branding or assessment training sessions. The Aureus Academy organizes training throughout the year.

What do I learn as a committee member?

As a member of the Aureus Academy, you will be responsible for organizing a large number of training sessions. This comprises all the steps from the acquisition of companies or interesting persons to provide training, promoting the event, handling all the applications up to organizing a drink afterwards. You will be the contact person for the organizations, recruiters, SBE, the students and other representatives. As you are dealing with so many different entities this is a very dynamic and challenging committee.