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Blog Committee

This team is responsible for writing weekly articles about interesting topics and for designing the magazine for all new Bachelor...

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Commercial Team

The Commercial Team supports the Commercial Officer, expands the commercial network of Aureus and guides the acquisition within Aureus.

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European Study Trip

The EST Committee organizes a business trip in which a group of 34 students will explore the business culture in...

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The Graduates Development Program (GDP) • Participants

The GDP aspires to render development aid by providing solutions for local entrepreneurs.

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Graduates Development Program

The GDP aspires to render development aid by providing solutions for local entrepreneurs in a developing country.

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Internal Events

This committee organizes activities such as monthly drinks, a gala and committee member weekend for all the committee members of...

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Introduction Committee

During the VU introduction week, this committee will organize events such as social drinks, dinners and daytime activities for the...

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Marketing Team

This team will support all committees with their promotion and marketing, making sure that the external communication is effective.

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SBE Masterday

The Masterday is the official opening of the academic year for all the new Master-students at the School of Business...