Marketing Team

  • Pillar: Skills
  • Workload: 5-8 hours per week
  • Time: October – June

The Marketing Team is the right hand of the Marketing Officer of Aureus. This team makes sure that the external communication of Aureus is effective and a proper representation of the association is guaranteed. The Marketing Team makes sure that all communication is subject to the principles and guidelines of the Aureus corporate identity. The Marketing Team helps every committee throughout the promotion process by jointly setting up a promotion plan and by helping with designing flyers, posters and banners. Furthermore, they are responsible for creating content for all Aureus promotion channels and for the coordination of the promotion planning of the whole association. Finally, they are responsible for the promotion campaigns to recruit new active members for the association.

What do I learn as a committee member?

As a committee member, you will become an expert in programs like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. You will learn how to carry out a promotion process from the beginning to the end. You will learn how to coordinate the promotion of one of the largest study associations of the Netherlands and you will learn what a corporate identity is all about. If you are eager to learn everything about marketing on a strategic and operational level, this committee is ideal for you! You are working together with five other enthusiastic committee members, with whom you will develop team skills and have a year full of fun. Finally, you will also gain a lot of experience in professional branding and marketing strategies, as you will regularly assist the Marketing Officer in her daily attempts to improve the communication of Aureus.