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Study faster • Learn how to read up to 3 times as fast

It is safe to say that the majority of students probably dislike the massive amount of reading they have to do for most courses. It takes a lot of time reading through all the pages and articles, and often only a small part of the information can be used. Well, what if I told you […]

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How to write your motivation letter?

Have you ever applied for a job, an Aureus committee, etc.? Chances are that you had to write a piece of text explaining your motivation. One thing is certain: even if you have not written one yet, you will probably need to write a motivation letter somewhere during life. Trying to translate your feelings into […]

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Picnic • Innovation by young talent

Picnic is a fast-growing grocery delivery company in the Netherlands. For this blog, we went to the Picnic headquarters in Amsterdam for an interview with business analyst Jenneke Evers. She told us all about how she landed at Picnic, what it is like to work there and the business itself.   Picnic’s headquarters For those of […]

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Day trips • Where to go on your day off?

The academic year has just begun and after these busy three weeks of studying, the holiday might seem like years ago. Unfortunately, as a student, there is not much time to go abroad in the first semester. Here you can find trips for a day if you’re an exchange student or if you want to […]

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The man behind Business Mathematics

Meet Bernd Heidergott, the lecturer of the first and most important subject of the year, Business Mathematics. You probably already met him, and might not be the biggest fan of Business Mathematics. Besides being a Mathematics teacher, Mr. Heidergott is an academic and has a lot more to teach. Read his interview to learn about […]

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GDP • Events Announcement

Aureus GDP drink at Woody’s • April 8th One of the monthly Aureus committee drinks will be dedicated to the GDP. All friends, family, colleagues and everyone else who wants to support our cause or just wants to have a fun night is welcome. GDP Benefit Gala • April 24th The Benefit Event is the […]

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Highlights of the Year!

Well that’s a wrap! Another year of Uni with many highlights has come and gone. What was the year like for you? Whether you spent it exploring the city, organizing events for Aureus, or studying away, we can all agree it was a great year. Many memories were made and we wanted to give a […]

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Dance all summer long!

Hello young people! The academic year is almost finished and while some of you are busy with resits and trying to catch up on studying, others are beginning to plan their summer holiday. If you don’t have the chance to travel, no worries! This blog provides you with all the best music festivals you can […]

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How to dress to impress for a career event

Aureus organizes many events and inhousedays with companies, for example, last week there was one at van Delft Pepernotenfabriek. However, how do you know how to dress for events like this? Aureus often lets you know if you should dress business casual or business formal, but what exactly should you wear then? We explain it […]

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From Committee Member at Aureus to Founder of La Rêve

It is hard to imagine what to do after your studies so it is nice to see what former committee members have done. Learning about possible paths that others have taken can open your eyes roads you would not have considered. Being in a committee can help you see how many options you have and […]

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How to Reduce Stress During the Exams

It’s the week of exams and many of you are probably feeling pretty stressed. Whether it’s the accounting exam that you just don’t get, the marketing exam with too much information or the one retake you have feared all period. Possibly one of the best ways to improve your grade at the last minute is […]

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How to be sustainable at the VU?

The Green Office is the sustainability platform at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam that aims to make a sustainable impact for the VU community. It consists of 5 coordinators and many volunteers. The Green Office constantly organizes events and communicates with higher instances to make the University more sustainable. It educates students and teachers regarding environmental […]

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