AIM Committee Training

8 May 2024

  • When

    8 May 2024

  • Time

    15:30 - 19:00

  • Where

    Fun Forest, Amsterdamse Bos

  • Who

    Committtee Members

Dear committee members,

Since it is CSR month, we have come up with the best idea ever! We will be going to Fun Forest to climb different routes. It is the perfect place to unleash your energy and connect with nature. 🌿🍃

In addition, since it is CSR month we want to draw attention to the importance of protecting and preserving nature. 🌳🌸

Let’s enjoy the day together in the wonderful nature that surrounds us and learn to appreciate our local forest!

What: Committee training 2
Where: Fun Forest, Amsterdamse Bos
When: May 8th, 2024 15:30-19:00h
Price: FREE

We cannot wait to meet you at the Amsterdamse Bos for this fun activity!

After the activity, we will have a drink at Café Leentje. More info will follow soon.

Warm regards,
Internal 💛