Meet the City • Vintage Stores

Fast fashion is the new thing: brands react to catwalk fashion and are able to offer what is trendy quickly and for relatively low prices. However, this is not great for the environment. As a solution to this problem, we have found some great vintage stores (besides the Episode and Zipper), that offer great vintage clothing for you to be stylish and sustainable all at once!

ReLove Exchange

ReLove Exchange is a vintage store in de Pijp that you should definitely check out when you’re in the neighbourhood. The great thing about ReLove Exchange is that you are able to drop of your old clothes and immediately get money for it: you will either get 20% of the selling price in cash, or 40% of the selling price in store credit. This makes it possible for people to quickly drop off clothing, meaning that their collection is big, quickly renewing and often reflects the latest trends. On top of all this greatness, the store supports several good causes that help better the world.

ReLove Exchange takes and sells clothes and jewelry for men and women in any size. They make sure that all the products they take and sell are in good condition and washed to make sure you can immediately wear what you buy. Next to one of a kind vintage pieces, they also sell brand clothing such as NIKE and Scotch and Soda. All in all: a great store for the environment and for students who do not have much to spend.

Rumors Vintage

Rumors Vintage in the Haarlemmerstraat is another treasure of Amsterdam. Their collection is definitely more the vintage that you have in mind when you think of vintage clothing. Their collection varies from NIKE to Burberry, from 60’s dresses to cowboy boots and from leather jackets to silk blouses.  Rumors Vintage is a tiny bit more expensive than ReLove Exchange, but if you think about it: a real burberry vintage trench coat for 150 euros is actually a bargain, right?

The store is cosy and the jukebox in the middle gives you that true feeling of older times. Students, parents and BN’ers like Georgina Verbaan come here to buy their unique clothes.  Go have a look and inspire yourself, maybe you will find some amazing pieces that will give your look just the little bit extra that it needs.

KiloSale Amsterdam

The KiloSale is a big store in the south of Amsterdam in the Havenstraat. They get in heaps of clothing every week and they sell them for 15 euros per kilo. Via their Facebook page, they keep you up to date about some interesting items they recently got in. The store has shoes, clothes, bags and all of that for the same price per weight! You can make it as cheap as you want: if you only buy very lightweight pieces, it is possible to get 4 garments for under 15 euros! You will probably have to look a while to find some nice pieces, but you never know if you’re going to find a diamond in the coal mine! Some people even call this their favourite place in Amsterdam, with good coffee, nice staff and awesome bargains.

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