Aureus Wintersports Trip 2022

After a year of corona, Aureus’s wintersport trip could finally take place this year! On Saturday, the 5th of February our bus left at 4 pm. Place of destination: Risoul, France!

It took us 16 hours to get there by bus. The fun already started during this trip, because you could buy beers on the bus. People were drinking, playing games or trying to sleep. After these 16 long hours, we got to our destination. It was cold getting out of the bus, but we were lucky: the sun was shining bright.

Some people had a ski pass for the first day, but not everyone did. So, during this first day, some people went skiing, while others spent their time drinking beers in the sun. At the end of the first day, we had dinner together. We had fondu, the typical Swiss dish where you dip a piece of food into melted cheese. After that we obviously wanted to party. The one and only Yeti Bar was full that evening, so Aureus took over another bar, where we had our party. Later that week, we also had our theme party there.

Skiing and snowboarding lessons started the next day. There were quite a lot of people learning to ski, and two of us took snowboarding lessons for the first time. Yet again, we were enjoying the nice weather, with a lot of sun. Today was the first day skiing for a lot of us, and obviously, after you ski, you apres-ski! This took place in the Yeti Bar. Because of COVID measurements, they weren’t allowed to play apres-ski music there, so techno was the way to go. And our group could also party to this music.

The sleeping arrangement was nice, all of us slept in rooms with four people. All the rooms were in the same hallways (1st and 2nd floor), and in the evening there were often parties in these hallways. After going out in the Yeti Bar, most evenings ended here.

On Wednesday, the fourth day, we had a party in the evening with a disco theme. Everybody was all dressed up and the Sports Committee made up a disco playlist. At one point this evening, the Jagerbombs could be ordered for free, and I think you can understand: it was a crazy night.

The next morning, we had to gather at 10 am for a group photo. These turned out to be very nice, even though everyone was a bit hungover. Everybody wore their winter sport Aureus sweater that we got on the bus.

Thursday was our last full day, because we left on Friday. In the evening, we had another dinner together, this time it was a BBQ at the Yeti Bar. Because this was the last night, everybody partied the hardest. A little bit of regret the next morning, when we had to leave our rooms at 8 am and bring our luggage to the bus. We still had a full day of skiing this Friday, and at the end of the day, the bus left to go back to Amsterdam. The ride home was a bit tough, but most of us slept the whole way through.

I want to thank the Sports Committee for organising this amazing week. You guys really did a great job. I made so many new friends and at the end of the week, our group of 41 people became really close. For those of you who weren’t there: make sure to sign up next year. I can promise you: this will be an amazing memory for the rest of your life!!