Aureus Gala 2022

The night we’re all looking forward to, gala! The theme was a White Tie party, so the girls appeared in long beautiful dresses and the boys in great-looking ties. It was great to see that everyone did try his best to dress up as nicely as they could. 

We met at the Vu around 17:00, where we walked to the busses which brought us to a secret location in Rotterdam. It appeared to be the ‘Koetshuis’, a beautiful and luxurious location, which is often used for parties, weddings, and other events. The bus was a party bus, so most of us were already drunk before we arrived at the location, and it was really funny. 

We first started with a 3-course dinner, which was delicious. At the sign-up, you had to fill in which person you wanted to sit next to or you could leave it blank so it was a surprise. After that, they took the tables and seats away and turned the room into a real dancefloor. The location had an open bar, so every drink was free. You could see that everyone made full use of this opportunity!  The DJ played the best songs, and all the guests were enjoying the dance! 

After a lot of dancing and laughter, we went back to Amsterdam. Again, in the cool party busses with a lot of disco lights, party fog and loud music. A lot of us were still feeling the consequences of the free open bar, and of course we partied the whole way back! When we returned to Amsterdam, the plan was to still go out in the center of Amsterdam, but most of us turned back home. It was a night to remember!

For the people that were there; photo’s will be shared soon!