How to ‘Hospiteren’?

Finally! You found a house in Amsterdam and you’re invited to a hospi. But what do you have to wear? What do you say, and how are you going to make sure they pick you?

Be you

First of all, the important thing is to be yourself. Don’t pretend to be more fun or more serious than you are.  If you do, it wouldn’t work out in the long term. Tell them what your hobbies are and other things about yourself. 

Don’t forget about yourself

Of course you want to present your best self and you want to be liked. Your future roommates are going to see if you are fitting in their household. But you also have to discover if you want to live with these people. You’ll spend a lot of time with them, and if you don’t like them it’s going to be a hard time living together. 

Take care of yourself

It’s important that you take care of yourself before going to the hospi. They have to see you are taking personal hygiene seriously. Nobody wants a roommate that smells or looks dirty. So brush your teeth, do your hair, and just look clean. 

Be right on time

Don’t appear late to your hospi! Nobody likes to wait and especially not when there are other candidates. So take the right tram or train and be there at the right time. 

And most important

Just have fun! Don’t see it as a job application, but just a fun talk to see if you fit in and if you like the place!