How to survive a ‘hospi’?

Becoming a student is not just going to another school, but for a lot of us it is the time to (finally) leave the parent’s home and go live ‘young, wild and free’. Besides the big step of leaving your parents, moving to another student house when you already live in one is also very common. Most of the time, pretty houses are very popular and you will not be the only one who is interested in the room. In that case, it is necessary to first meet the current residents on your own or with a group to ensure that they will choose you: a ‘hospi’. We have some tips for you about how to increase your chances to become the new roomie!

First, getting the invitation

Get the invitation is maybe even hard as getting the room eventually. Sending the perfect email or message about the fact that you are interested in the room is therefore of big importance. But what information should you include in this message? Of course, start with some basic information about yourself, like your name, age, sport, study and so on. After that, is it time to make the difference and to explain to them why they should choose you! In this part, humour is key! Tell a funny or original fact about yourself is one of the many options.

Besides, giving your Facebook and other online profiles an update is recommended. Social media is one of the sources that is used to make a selection of the many people who have send a message. Make sure your internet profiles are representative to who you are! The residents would like a person who equals their personalities, so if you show your ‘ideal you’, they have a wrong overall picture of you. On the other side, if you have very wasted pictures on your page or even worse, this can scare them. Be critical about what to post or not!

‘You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.’

Preparation is the key to success

It is very important to prepare for a ‘hospi’. Get to know some information and facts about the current residents. Maybe you know friends of them, practice the same sport or go to the same parties. Those things you can use to get a more favoured position. Besides, prepare answers for varying types of questions, both easy and difficult ones. Never answer ‘I do not know…’. That is the worst thing you can say!

 ‘If you were a road sign, which would you be?’

‘How would you describe yourself in two sentences?’

 ‘What is the most awkward thing you ever done?’

‘What is your worst habit?’

Early bird

Do not be too late! It sounds very easy and it goes without saying, but it still happens a lot. On the other side, being overly on time is also not done. Most of the time they want to prepare some last things or if you arrive even earlier than the current residents it is a little bit lame and can give the wrong impression. If you will be late, do not forget to let them know on time!

It is all about balance

You should find the balance between being on the background and being outrageous, between dress to impress and wearing your most comfortable hoodie, between talking all the time and only saying something when someone is asking you a question. It is important that you stand out and afterwards you will be in their minds. So, play a role in the conversation and show interest in the current residents!

‘The person who wants it the most and is continue talking, is most of the time not the person that is chosen.’

Be yourself

Now, pay attention, because this is the important one: be yourself! They are not looking for the perfect you, they want to know for sure that you will have the characteristics they like and matches their own. When living together conflicting interest and habits can cause many troubles. So, make clear they have a reprehensive image of you! If all the other candidates are different, stay with yourself.

‘Some people like you, some people do not. In the end, you just have to be yourself.’

Are you not the perfect one?

If they do not choose you, always ask why you are not the one. Use this tips for the next ‘hospi’ and increase your chances when you are invited for another one!

Are you still searching for a new room, join one of our last events to get to know more people or catch up with friends! Maybe they know some available spots and can put in a good word for you!