Finding a place to live in Amsterdam

As all of you might know, finding a place to live in Amsterdam could be pretty hard. The prices for renting can be too high and the rooms are always in great demand but in short supply.  Despite these difficulties, there are a lot of resources to look into. Therefore, for those still searching for a room or apartment, here are some useful tips!

Housing corporations

There are some housing corporations who have one central information desk for student housing. The application process involves a waiting-list system. Here are some of the largest corporations:

  • DUWO – They offer short stay accommodations via their website, where you can register and look for rooms online.
  • Woningnet – They offer apartments for rent in various regions. On their website you can give your specific needs, so you can see a selection of the rooms that comfort your needs. You can find more information on
  • De Key – They offer students furnished rooms in and around Amsterdam. You can only rent a room for one year at the most. Look it up and visit
  • Housing anywhere – This is a platform for students that leave their house for a while, so they can post their rooms available for rent. For example, incoming exchange students can respond. Their website is called

Private renting

A starting point for your housing needs would be to check the Facebook page of your Student Network, where you can get in touch with other students. General information about private renting can be found at, which has an English version. If your Dutch, two other great resources can be and

Commercial agencies

Commercial agencies go and find a room for you. If they do not have a room for you in four months, you will get your money back. If they do so, then the money has been paid. They are allowed to ask for a registration fee.

  • The Student Hotel – In this hotel you will get fully furnished rooms with, most of the times, a private bathroom and kitchen. Besides the Wi-Fi and a TV, your room includes the use of a personal bike, gym, study rooms, lounges and a game room. Rooms can be booked for one or two semesters, but also for one week or month. More information you can find on
  • Amsterdam Apartment Rental – They offer short short stay rooms, studios or bed and breakfast. Go to


When you ask a fellow student how they got their apartment or room in Amsterdam, a lot of people would say they got it via a friend or through Facebook. There are a lot of students who do not prefer to get in touch with a commercial agency to get rid of their apartment or to put a room for rent, because of the high costs. They can easily post a message on Facebook to let people know they are looking for a roommate. You should always check Facebook regularly if you are looking for a room! Facebook also has pages you can ‘like’, so you can follow the latest news on rooms who are for rent. Examples of Facebook pages are ‘HurenInAmsterdam’ or ‘KamernetInAmsterdam’. is the official website behind these facebook pages. It is worth it to take a look at their website as well! With Facebook, you will have the biggest chances on really getting that apartment you wish for, but Funda might also be an option. You could become the main renter and find other students who would like to share your apartment with you. The only problem is that most of the times, Funda does not allow students to be a main renter or allows sharing at all.


The last but not least option might be Uilenstede. This is a campus very close to the VU where you can rent a room or apartment, most of the times with shared bathrooms and kitchens. Students who live far away from the VU have the biggest chance getting a room. The renting prices are very affordable. Renting a room can be arranged by DUWO. Both on their website and on the facebook page of Uilenstede, it will be announced if there is a room available. So koop an eye on both of them too!

Do you need more helpful tips on housing, or do you have questions about any other well-known student issue? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions!