Podium Discussion “How to Fund Your Dreams?”

17 February 2022

  • When

    17 February 2022

  • Time

    18:00 - 19:30

  • Where

    Online on Zoom

  • Who

    All students

Dear students, 

Do you have a crazy idea in mind but you don’t really know how to finance it? This is your chance! On Thursday, the 17th of February we will have our second online podium discussion which is about “How to fund your dreams?”. The speakers are from Mavon and ASIF. 

Mavon creates a platform-based tool for galleries to promote digital artworks (NFTs) directly to a collecting audience. They will introduce a three-dimensional product that is set to host its first exhibitions in March.

ASIF is a student and recent graduate-run venture capital fund aimed at financing students and recent graduates’ startups.

It again will be an interactive event where you can ask your burning questions about this topic specifically. So when you have a start-up idea and/or are interested in funding companies, make sure to sign up until the 17th of February. Also, don’t forget to insert your email address to receive a €5 voucher from Gall&Gall so you can enjoy a drink while following the discussion 🙂 

See you there, 

Speaker Series 

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