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21 August 2024 - 27 August 2024

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    21 August 2024 - 27 August 2024

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    SBE Students

Dear SBE Students,

It’s that time again! Did you have an amazing introduction week in your first year and want to relive it? Sign up now to become a mentor and help shape the experience for this year’s students!

We are looking for intro “leaders”. As an intro leader, you’ll be responsible for guiding the new first-year students through Amsterdam, participating in fun activities, and attending the most incredible parties!

The introduction week will take place from August 23rd to 29th, excluding the intro weekend. You’ll receive a payment of €50 for five days, accompanied by an experience you won’t soon forget!

To add some extra fun, why not bring a friend along? We promise you won’t regret it, so don’t hesitate, to sign up today!”

Best regards,

Introduction Committee

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