About ARP

This year, the Amsterdam Reserach Project has conducted research in Indonesia and Myanmar. In 2018 the project will take place in Vietnam. Interested in participating as a student? Click here to find out more. 

The history of the Amsterdam Research Project (ARP) shows extensive expertise in business consultancy and research in foreign countries. The project’s track record shows high-quality results that enabled partner organizations to obtain a competitive edge overseas.

The starting point has remained the same throughout previous projects: your company and it’s objectives. Wat would the ARP’s legitimacy be if not to answer crucial questions that help you and your company?

Those questions will be transformed into a tailored approach, with a year of preparation and 5 weeks of research in overseas markets. The students are professionally trained consultants who have the resources of VU University, as well as multiple academic and professional experts at their disposal.

The Amsterdam Research Project aims for the best possible quality. For this reason, Aureus has selected prime students from the final year bachelor and master programmes. These highly motivated students are offered an extraordinary opportunity to gain tangible experience(s) and obtain valuable skills for their professional career. This cuts both ways since you get to work with these students and potentially find your future employees and colleagues in this group.