What to do in Amsterdam during the holidays?

It is almost the most wonderful time of the year and Amsterdam is the place to be. The city is full of beautiful decorations and many great parties and events will be held. Now is the time to make some plans. To help you with that, we have summed up our favourite activities!

Love is in the air

Amsterdam is getting ready for the fifth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival! The unique exhibition represents masterpieces of artists from all over the world. You can either decide to take a romantic walk with your lover around the cultural Weesper-Plantage neighbourhood or take the other route along the Amsterdam canals.

When: From December 1st until January 22nd

Culture freak

Do you need some inspiration on how to decorate your home for Christmas? Go visit the ‘Kerst in Willet’ exhibition at the Willet Holthuysen museum. You can experience how the wealthy couple Holthuysen celebrated Christmas in the 19th century and get inspired by their impressive decorations!

When: From November 25th until January 8

Are you a bargain hunter?

Do you want to save money, but still buy some Christmas presents for your beloved ones? Go to one of Amsterdam’s great flea markets. Many markets are organized in the spirit of Christmas, such as the NeighbourFood market. You can experience a day full of cosiness, delicious food and go home with the best bargains.

When: 17 – 18 December (NeighbourFood Christmas edition)

It is party time!

Besides all the formal Christmas dinners, it is also nice to escape from your family and get crazy with your friends! Luckily, many Christmas themed parties are organized in Amsterdam. To make things easier, we have created a small festival agenda for you:

22/12 ‘Super Social – Mariah Carey Xmas Special‘ Chicago Social Club

            Mariah Carey, do I need to say more?

24/12 ‘Vriendjespolitiek: Christmas Special’ Club Up

            Who has got the ugliest Christmas sweater?

24/12  ‘Encore Throwback XMAS Edition’ Encore Amsterdam

            A throwback to all of your favourite Christmas songs!

24/12  ‘WE ALL LOVE 80’s 90’s 00’s Christmas Special’ Panama Amsterdam

            When you would like your Christmas to start with some golden oldies!

24/12  ‘Friendzone BlackTie Xmas Special WesterUnie’ WesterUnie

            Got stuck in the friend-zone and want to get out? This is your chance!

25/12  ‘Latin Circus X-Mas XXL special’ Escape Amsterdam

            When your first day of Christmas could use some Latin vibes!

26/12  ‘Vunzige Deuntjes Pyjama Party’ Paradiso Amsterdam

For everyone who likes to dance in their PJ’s or ugly Christmas sweater.

Just relax

December is a busy period with all the parties, dinners and other obligations… Therefore, it is important to take some time for yourself. Have a moment of relaxation and create your very own home spa! All you need are some face masks, scented candles and a nice cup of tea. If you still have some money left after all the dinners and gifts, you can also consider visiting Spa Zuiver. On the second day of Christmas they are offering special Christmas arrangements!

Take a workout

During the holidays you will probably eat way too much, so a workout would not be a bad idea. Take your family and friends ice skating at the Museumplein to burn off those calories! Are you not into ice skating (or working out at all)? Then you can also just visit the special Ice Bar and have hot chocolate or a cold beer.

When: November 18 until February 5

For the animal lovers

Do you have a little sibling or cousin, or are you a babysitter? Take your little fellow to the scary lions and the silly monkeys! There will be a special night programme at Artis on Christmas eve. The whole park will be decorated with sparkling lights and you finally get the chance to see the animals’ night rituals!

When: Christmas eve

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