Vegan hotspots for you to enjoy!

Everyone knows that you can almost eat anything in Amsterdam. A lot of different cuisines come together in this capital city. For instance, there are many vegan dishes you can try out, and not just salads. As a student eating out can be quite expensive, so you might as well get a good meal out of it. Save the planet and lower your cholesterol levels; take your friends out to one of the following spots in the city if you want to try out a healthier, plant-based diet. Enjoy! 

Vegan Junk Food Bar 

This restaurant is probably a Walhalla for junk food lovers. As the name suggests it is a junk food bar where you can have lunch, snacks or proper dinner. The design of this restaurant is very hipster with gravity texts in bright pink colors all over the wall. They serve the best Dutch bitterballen with homemade mayonnaise you can enjoy and they offer several burger options on a black bun. They also serve very original cocktails that are very nice to see as well. Vegan Junk Food Bar is so popular, they have restaurants all over Amsterdam: de Pijp, Leidse square, the Westside and the Eastside, so there must be one close to you! 

Check them out on instagram: @veganjunkfoodbar

Meatless District  

This vegan spot is a little fancier. The food is served in very nice portions and they make sure everything looks great together on the plate with interesting combinations of flavors and textures. The friendly staff and aesthetically pleasing design of this restaurant accompanied by a great meal will definitely make your dining experience a very good one.  Meatless District is located at two spots in the city: de Pijp and in the heart of the Old West Arena. It is open every day for lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and on weekends even breakfast!

Check them out on instagram: @meatless_district


You are at the right end if you are looking for a cute vegan café. Vegabond serves hot coffee, refreshing drinks and delicious plant-based foods. They are mostly famous for their homemade Snickers Bars and raw cakes. Besides that, they serve the tastiest cupcakes and sandwiches. The dishes are freshly made every day, without any added flavor enhancers. Totally pure.

Check them out on instagram: @vegabondfood


This place is perfect for the ones who want to try different dishes.  At Spirit you plate it up yourself. The buffet offers a choice of fifty different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks and patisserie. All the dishes are prepared daily using seasonal ingredients. Apart from the fact they only serve plant-based food, they focus on the concept to replace sugar by maple and rice syrup; it keeps the energy levels up.

Check them out on Facebook: @spiritrestaurants

Hopefully, you will check out some of these great spots. Still can’t get enough of all the greats restaurants? Check out this blog for more food recommendations in Amsterdam, if you ever want to get any breakfast or lunch. Enjoy your meal!