Help! Where to Study?! • study spots at & around the university

Exams are over for about two weeks now and as you’ll surely have experienced, it can be pretty busy at the university during those weeks. As you might also have seen, at the UvA, students are queueing by the hundreds at 08:00 in the morning to get a study spot in the library of the UvA. We can tell you that this isn’t so bad at the VU. A lot of commonly known study spots can be pretty packed during exam weeks, but there are more options than you think which are spread all over the campus. We, from Aureus, want to provide you with these sort of ‘secret’ spots so that you can properly prepare yourself for the last tests, exams, and theses of this academic year.

WN-building, 6th floor:

The first building which you might not have checked for a study spot if you’re from SBE is the WN building. The 6th floor of the building is the most suitable to find a room where you can study all on your own or with other study mates. On this very long hallway, there should always be a classroom available to study in if it’s not during lecture weeks.

Initium, 2nd floor:

The building where most of you started having lectures in, is also a nice and quiet place to study. On the 2nd floor there are several spots in the lobby or cafeteria, but there are also a few computer-rooms where you have to be quiet. As this is not a very commonly known building, there should always be a spot to study.

Filosofenhof, first floor:

The Filosofenhof is the small building which is built just beside the main building. It’s connected right next to the elevators in the main building. Walk past the elevators and go to the right. If your looking for a room to study in, these ones might be used. But you can always use the computer-rooms on the first floor.

BelleVU, all floors:

There are two blue buildings on the campus of the VU, one is the well-known TenT and the other one is BelleVU. If it’s not during lecture weeks, there should always be an available room to study in. On both floors there are enough spots.

But if you are not feeling the VU here are some other places in Amsterdam to study:

Volkshotel, Wibautstraat:

Not only do you get one of the best views of Amsterdam from above, you can sit here and study for free. The Volkshotel has a very hipster and industrial vibe and can be good if you just need to finish up things. It’s like a University Library for adults, haha!

HvA, Amsterdam:

You did not get this tip from us, but  HBO studies have different exam weeks, so if you want a quiet space to study during the exam weeks, go to an HBO location and see for yourself!

Curious about more study spots in Amsterdam? Check out the blog from last year, Coffee & Concentrate here! And by the way, you can check out all the other study blogs too. Maybe there are some useful tips in it for you!