5 tips to nail your exams!

Exams are tough, let’s be honest. You spend hours, days, maybe even weeks, revising everything you need to know to nail your upcoming exams. There is just one obstacle between you and passing the course: the exam itself! Fortunately, there are various skills that you can develop that will make a difference between success and a resit. Here are 5 tips to reduce stress and increase your chances of passing the exams.

1. Practice a lot of old exams

If you really want to feel comfortable during the exams you should get familiar with the structure of the exam. Exams have time constraints: the more you practice managing your time effectively within those constraints, the more confident you will feel. In addition, doing sample exams gives an indication of what to expect on your exam. If certain topics return on every exam, chances are high they will come up again. This could help you revise accordingly.

2. Form Study Groups

Do you have any friends sitting in the same exam as you? Perhaps you can form a study group with them and meet before the exams. Exchanging information and ideas with each other can help you cover all the material needed to ace the exam. Thereby, having you and your friends motivating each other to reach the same goal will boost your confidence.

3. Exercise

The week before the exams you will probably dedicate all your hours making sure you’ve covered everything you need to know. This can be very stressful. Instead of cramming all the information in your brain right before the exam, you should go for a run. It will be a great relief and break from constant reading and revising. After exercising you will feel recharged and you will be able to remember more.

4. Get plenty of rest!

This is one of the most vital tips and one that often gets overlooked. Your brain can’t function when it hasn’t got proper rest. You should make sure you have a solid sleeping pattern the weeks before the exams. With this routine, you will be able to remember more, study harder and recall all the information on the day of the exam.

5. Have a powerful breakfast

They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. Breakfast fuels your brain. Skipping your first meal will harm your concentration levels and reduce your alertness. Especially on the day of an exam, this is very important. Set your system upright and eat breakfast that will give you plenty of energy. And of course, no one wants a rumbly belly midway through a silent exam hall!

If you’ve got yourself organized, have eaten, slept well and revised efficiently, you’re ready to ace those exams! The only thing left is to be confident! After all, you’ve done your best to prepare.

The best of luck! Are you still looking for spots to study? Read our blog from last year, study spots at & around the university here. In this way, you can find the best place to prepare yourself for your upcoming exams!