Job Applications in times of Corona

Now that physical contact is on hold due to the Corona Crisis, there are a lot of changes in common processes. One of which is applying for a new job. As we all need an income, applying for jobs is something that cannot wait. To help you in your quest for that perfect job, here are some tips for you!


As with any job application, good preparation is key. You should always do thorough research on the company and the job that you are applying for. Make sure to know all of the company’s key values and your exact task description, just in case they ask. Try to imagine yourself working there already. What do you expect that experience to be? During the call, make sure that you check whether this is true or not with the recruiter. Not only will he or she realize that you put some thorough thought into this, but you will also directly know if this place will suit you well! If you are a bit nervous about the application, one great help can be to try to find out who you will be talking to and looking up a picture and some basic information. This helps a lot during the first minutes of the application.

Methods of a remote application

These days, most applications will either be through audio or a video call. Always make sure what method will be used by the company of your choice so that you can prepare well.

Audio applications

If the application will be audio-only, then you must be aware that their evaluation of you will change compared to the normal face-to-face applications. Since the recruiter will not be able to see your body language and emotions, he or she will look for other characteristics to make a valid judgment on whether you fit in the company. Keep in mind that it is important to speak in a calm and clear manner. Do not start rambling words and sentences. During face-to-face contact, you can clearly see by the other non-verbal communication when you should stop talking, but you will not have this option on the phone. Keep your message concise and direct, but also honest and friendly.

Video Applications

Compared to audio applications, video applications have enormous benefits. As non-verbal factors, like the body language and emotions stated above, are in play, you will be able to get a better impression of the recruiter and vice-versa. However, there are of course some things to keep in mind. Although you might be familiar with video conferencing software like FaceTime and Zoom, the recruiter might use a different application. Always make sure that you are familiar with this before the beginning of your application. If this is not mentioned in the invitation, make sure to ask this upfront. Check that it works on your device, and directly try to find a good place to sit where the recruiter can see you well. Clean up your space and make sure that there are no possible distractions. Other than this, the application should be fairly similar to a normal face-to-face application!

Other important tips

Is this online way of applying new for you? Well, chances are that this is also new for the recruiter. Do not be afraid to break the ice by saying that this is a new experience. Everybody will understand this, and it helps to get the conversation going. Above all, being open about this also shows the recruiter that you are not afraid to open up for new challenges! Also, make sure that you discuss with the recruiter what you will do if the connection breaks halfway through the application. This reduces the amount of stress that you will experience if it would happen.

We truly hope that this clears up some uncertainties. If it did help you get into your dream job, make sure to let us know! Are you invited to a face-to-face meeting after this first application? Then try to find out what dress code the company uses and read this awesome blog about business clothing!