General information

General information

The Aureus Board consists of eight different positions: chairman, controller, HR-officer, career officer, commercial officer, network officer, innovation officer and the marketing officer. The main responsibilities are divided between the eight board members, but you also work together on strategic projects.

Furthermore, every board member supervises particular committees and sets up policies to help the committee members get the most out of their event. The current operations regarding the committees and strategic actions are discussed weekly during the board meetings. Next to that, the board will have Scrum sessions as part of the agile way of working.

Apart from the day to day business, you will represent Aureus at events and through contact with your committee members, the faculty, other associations from other cities and renowned companies.

In sum, a board year is promising in terms of responsibility, gaining new experiences and expanding your network. Besides, every board member will be linked to a personal coach who keeps track of your personal development. A personal coach helps you with evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, setting personal goals and evaluating your personal development.



  • In the final stage of your VU career (third-year bachelor, premaster or master)
  • Organizational experience (with Aureus, or externally)
  • Motivation and dedication for a fulltime year at the VU
  • Fluency in Dutch
Note that a board year gives you the right to extend your study with one year, which means it is not a requirement that you have finished your bachelor or master.  


A board year is not a paid job. However, you will receive a scholarship from the university every month. Besides that, it is possible to make use of your student loan during your board year. How does that work? When you stay registered as a Bachelor or Master student, you will receive 80% of your college fee back at the end of your board year. In this way, you can still make use of your student loan.


Full time

An Aureus board year requires full-time dedication and responsibility from all board members. This means a 9:00h to 17:00h presence at the Aureus office during weekdays. Besides, you are expected to attend the Aureus activities such as training sessions, drinks and dinners, business trips and weekends. Therefore, it is advised not to have more than two/three courses or a time-consuming part-time job during this board year.



November – March     April 8, 2018 11:59 AM   April – May   May 25, 2018   May 26, 2018   June 1, 2018   June 4 - June 30, 2018   July 2, 2018 Have a coffee with the selection committee or one of the current board members. Click here for more information about the selection committee.   Application deadline   Selection interviews and cases   Notification about final selection   Dinner with the current and new board   New board announcement BBQ   Knowledge transmission month   Official start of Board year  

In the evening of the 26th of May, the eight selected board members will get the chance to get to know each other during a dinner with the current board. On the 1st of June, the new board is presented to the committee members during the official board announcement barbecue on the VU campus.

If you apply for the board, you are expected to be full-time available from the June 4th onwards. From this day until June 30, the preceding and new board will work together in a knowledge transmission period. After this date, the responsibility is transferred to the new board.


If you have any questions about a board year at Aureus, please contact the selection committee ([email protected]). We will be happy to answer any of your questions!