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The selection of the Aureus board 2018/2019 is conducted by a selection committee consisting of the current chairman of the board and four former board members of Aureus. The selection committee is available to provide you with more information, answer all of your questions and discuss any considerations or concerns you might have. Besides sharing our own board experiences with you, we can get you in touch with other former board members willing to discuss general experiences and specific positions. Furthermore, the selection committee will lead you through the selection procedure, conduct the interviews and finally select the new Aureus board.

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at [email protected].

Who are we?

Fran Taihuttu (Chairman 2014-2015): Hello! My name is Fran Taihuttu and I have been a chairman of the Aureus board in the academic year 2014-2015. Currently, I am working as a General Management Trainee at Nationale Nederlanden in The Hague. During my time at Aureus I learned a lot: I gained practical skills and insights in both my strong and improvement points and my role within a team. But most of all: it’s really a lot of fun. I developed strong friendships during my time at Aureus, and multiple times I found myself crying from laughter. I can definitely recommend a board year!
  • Contact me on LinkedIn or on Whatsapp 0611031826

Jill Baltus (HR Officer 2016-2017): Hi there! My name is Jill Baltus, and last year I was the HR-Officer of the Aureus board.  Currently, I am a master student Human Resource Management at the VU, so you can still find me at the coffee corner or at the UB. Before I applied for the board I finished my Bachelor Business Administration at the VU. Next to that, I went to the United Kingdom for an exchange semester. However, my best and dearest experience is my board year. Words can’t just describe how amazing a board year is, but coffee can! So, feel free to contact me or my other selection committee members for a cup of coffee.

  • Contact me on LinkedIn or on Whatsapp 0622711263

Marije Slump (Chairman 2017-2018): My name is Marije and I am the chairman of the current board of Aureus. Before applying for the board, I was a member of several committees within Aureus, such as the European Study Trip and the Graduates Development Program. Last year, I finished my Bachelor Business Administration at the VU and decided to apply for a full-time year as a board member of Aureus. This year already brought a lot of new challenges, new experiences and new people.  Besides my work in the Board, I like photography, singing and sports.

  • Contact me on LinkedIn or on Whatsapp 0655191101

Dylan Janssens (Marketing Officer 2015-2016): Dear all, I am Dylan Janssens, born in Zaandam and now living in Amsterdam. I am 25 years old, and I have studied BSc Business Administration at the VU University and MSc Business Information Management on the Erasmus University. Between my bachelor and my master, I have done a board year at Aureus as Marketing Officer. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to develop myself in such a unique setting. Currently, I work as a Consultant at Capgemini, but I am also a part of the Selection Committee, because I want to stimulate people to experience the uniqueness of a board year!

  • Contact me on LinkedIn or on Whatsapp (0683562869)