Haut Bay, South Africa • 2018

8 July 2018 - 31 July 2018

  • When

    8 July 2018 - 31 July 2018

The Graduates Development Program of 2018 went to South-Africa to help local entrepreneurs develop their business. The Graduates Development Program was a unique experience. Working together with 15 students, organizing a lot of events to raise money and eventually going to South-Africa for three weeks where you work closely together with local entrepreneurs. You can contribute a lot to the local businesses and they are so happy and grateful. The entrepreneurs don’t even know what incomes and expenses are, which is, in my opinion, the core of their own business. So with this experience, I really learned a lot about other cultures and especially the South-African business environment.

We provided help

Together with our NGO All Out Africa, the team supported six local businesses in Hout Bay by giving them advice and financial support. They assisted the following six business:

  • Zuki Massage and Body Care provides massages and creates health products, such as candles, lotions, oils. GDP invested in a website to gain more exposure and more clients besides the market in which she works, and invested in tool to keep better track of her incomes and expenses.
  • Ihambo Tours arranges Township Tours through Imi Zamo Yethu, which is the township of Hout Bay. GDP invested in a website and developed business cards.
  • ASICOCE Cleaning Service is a family-owned business with the aim to alleviate poverty and crime in Imi Zamo Yethu. They were applying for a tender that will offer street cleaning services. The team organized a clean-up day in Imi Zamo Yethu to involve the local community and inform the community about the importance of a clean environment. This is important because it will make a sustainable impact on the future.
  • APD (Hout Bay’s Association for People with Disabilities) is an organization that focuses on empowering people with disabilities. They teach new skills and encourage persons with disabilities to branch out into their own businesses. GDP invested in the eco-garden, one of the main activities for APD’s clients. Furthermore, investments are made regarding
  • They also helped to get more exposure and marketing for the company, through investments in Facebook advertisements. In addition, a donation was made towards to foundation to give more structure to the programme.
  • PJ Sofas is a well-established upholstering company. This is upholstery and craftsmanship for all furniture. The team invested in the website, business cards and some extra marketing tools to attract more new customers and gain awareness and trust.
  • Nourish Bakery is a small bakery, located in the harbour of Hout Bay. It makes high-quality bread and other baked goods. The team got in touch with this company while being in Hout Bay. They invested in another fridge for Sharon (the owner) so that she could buy more products once, which is more cost-efficient. Furthermore, they provided her with tools for the financial administration, to keep better track of her incomes and expenses.

Partner organization – All out Africa

For the second year in a row, GDP collaborated with All Out Africa. All Out Africa offers inspirational travel experiences in amazing destinations in southern Africa provided by an experienced and dedicated team.

All Out Africa is a group of companies based in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Botswana. It includes a non-profit foundation, social enterprise and responsible travel business. The non-profit foundation arm implements important social and conservation projects and runs two research centres. The social enterprise arm offers volunteer, student and internship experiences which do social and environmental good. The responsible travel business arm offers responsible cultural, wildlife and adventure tours and also runs two award-winning lodges. Their goal is to share their passion for southern Africa’s people, places and wildlife with the world and offer experiences that change lives.

All Out Africa has hosted over six thousand volunteer and tour participants and many more lodge guests since its inception in 2004. Many of these people have become friends and ambassadors and are helping in various ways to build a better world. All Out Africa is dedicated to people, wildlife, travel, safety, education, and entrepreneurship. We have built lasting friendships with our partners and are deeply engaged in the local communities and conservation areas we work in and committed for the long term.

Raised money:

19.318,33 euro

The GDP Team

GDP Committee

Tristan Makkink • Chairman
Bas Doornik • Controller
Iris de Graaff • Marketing, Fundraising
Maxime Boelen • Acquisition
Rosa Spaargaren • Internal Affairs, Research

GDP Team

Dennis Oostindie • Bsc. International Business Administration
Elias Terfurth • Msc. International Management
Floor van den Driesschen • Bsc. International Business Administration
Jessica van Netburg • Msc. Marketing
Joost Duijn • Msc. Digital Business and Innovations
Kirsten Veltkamp • Msc. Marketing
Mark Kroes • Msc. Strategy & Organization
Marloes van Ravenstein • Bsc. Economics and Business Economics
Nicholai Lindbüchl • Msc. Economics
Philipp Schlueer • Msc. Digital Business and Innovations