Podium Discussion “From Startup to Scale Up”

18 January 2022

  • When

    18 January 2022

  • Time

    18:00 - 19:30

  • Where

    Online on Zoom

  • Who

    All students

Dear students, 

in case you have a bit of free time due to the stricter measurements, and more importantly, are interested in company growth and how it works, this event might be something for you: 

On Tuesday, the 18th of January we will have a podium discussion about the topic „From Startup to Scale Up“ where representatives of the companies Flink and Cheflix will tell us their story. 

It will be an interactive event where you can ask your burning questions about this topic specifically or their StartUp story in general. So when you think that the finance/start-up area or the companies are exciting, make sure to sign up until the 16th of January.

See you there, 

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