Offline Drinks in Park!

10 June 2021

  • When

    10 June 2021

  • Time


  • Where

    Beatrix Park

  • Who

    International Management

Hi everybody!

Summer is here and it is time for us to enjoy ourselves a bit, relax with couple of drinks before the deadline of thesis!

On June 10th 16:00, we will organize a great meeting at the park where you to meet new friends or to meet up with the people you have had to miss for the past few months & ofcourse we will enjoy some drinks!

This will be the second offline event for International Management master students- the first one was a huge success!

We will meet in the spacious and quiet Beatrix park which is just 5 minutes biking from uni. We will get some fresh air and clear our head during this meet-up. Additionally, there is a nice little lake which is super relaxing to sit by and enjoy our drinks!

This will be our last event as Aureus IM-Master Club Committee so we would love to meet everyone! Join this nice afternoon if you want to have some drinks and have fun!

We will get all the drinks ready for you and We will make sure you have a great time!

Make sure you sign up via this link before 9th of June and join us on 10th of June from 16:00.

IM Master Club