EBE Speed Date Event

27 October 2020

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    27 October 2020

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What: Speed Date Event
When: Tuesday 27th of October, 20:00
Where: Zoom (https://vu-live.zoom.us/j/99834664844 (Password: 0Rw215)
)Hi everyone!Because of Corona it has become more difficult to talk with new people and make new friends. Therefore, Aureus has the perfect solution for you! We want to invite you to the EBE Speed Date Event.
On the 27th of October, the week after the last exams of period 1, we will host an online speed date event. The event will take place from 20:00 to 21:00 via zoom:
*The Zoom link will be placed in the event + Whatsapp groups the day before the event *

You’ll randomly be assigned to a breakout room with fellow EBE students. These rooms will change constantly. We will provide each round a few interesting questions to get to know each other better!

Hope to see you there!

Bachelor Club EBE