Seniors Olympic Sports Day

18 June 2019

  • When

    18 June 2019

  • Time

    17:00 - 20:30

  • Who

    Internal Events

What: Seniors Olympic Sports Day
Where: Olympic Stadion (Olympisch Stadion 2, 1076 DE Amsterdam)
Who: Aureus Committee Members
When: 18 June 2019, 15:00-18:30

It’s time for our annual charity event, where you can do something back for our society! On Tuesday, the 18th of June, we will collaborate with NL Cares and GoldenSports, during the Olympic Sportweek. The goal is to let the elderly live in their homes as long as possible by improving their vitality. By exercising together, the elderly meet their neighbors and create new social contacts.

The Olympic Sports Day will start at 15.00 with an introduction, after which you will be matched to a group of seniors. We will do a warming-up and after that, we will do some sports activities focused on vitality, e.g. walking football, handball, Thai chi. All these activities will be supervised by a pro, so don’t worry if you are not very athletic. As a volunteer you guide seniors and you will bring some extra fun! After this, we have will have a bite and drink together!

Do not forget to bring your sporty outfit.