Aureus Open Drink

2 June 2021

  • When

    2 June 2021

  • Time

    16:00 - 20:00

  • Where

    Limon & Koetjes and Kalfjes & Dickies

  • Who

    All students

Dear students, 

It’s time for the yearly Aureus open drink! Since the government measures allow us, we will organize the 2nd of June a drink for you at the Zuid-As. It will be held at different locations to let more people enjoy a drink with some great company. The drink will cost €4.50,-, and you will get two drinks! Besides, a large share of the funds will go to the Graduates Development Program! This is a committee of Aureus which supports a different charity project every year. This year, the project helps troubled youth to work with their mental and psychical wellbeing to get more out of their lives and to be fully prepared for a job they like or an education. 

The drink will start at 16:00 untill 20:00.  Make sure you will sign up on time because FULL = FULL! The deadline is on the 30th of May.The event will take place at 2 different restaurants close to each other, so we will announce the location where you will be expected a few days in advance.

We hope to see you all the 2nd of June. 

Kind regards,

72nd Board 

Note: of course, we will still need to adhere to the regulations in place against the Coronavirus. This means that we will have to be seated all the time in small groups. Also, if you have any Corona related symptoms, or if you have been in contact with someone who tested positive for Corona, please stay at home and get tested! Notify us please once this is the case.