Corona-proof activities with friends

Getting together with friends has been way harder these past times. No more big house parties, going out for dinner or going to the club. Still, it is important to stay in touch with your friends. Definitely because loneliness among young people has been increasing. Luckily the corona measures are a little less strict now. Aureus has put together a list of some corona-proof activities that you can do with your friends!

Go for a (culinary) walk

Going for a walk might be the easiest way to see your friends in real life. Get to know the city of Amsterdam a little better, while having fun with your friends. Or get back in nature and find your inner zen together. Even if you don’t enjoy walking there are options for you. You can do a culinary walk for example. For a small fee you get a route that passes some local restaurants and pubs. You can enjoy great food and drinks, while supporting local business owners. Sounds like a win-win!

Play sports together

It is proven that physical activity makes your body release endorphins. Combine that with the great company of your friends and there you go! It does not only make you happy, but it also keeps you fit. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to lose a few corona kilos? It probably isn’t wise to play sports that require a lot of touching like judo for example. But football or tennis are great options. So put on your sportiest outfit and hit up your friends to make a team of your own or join an existing team to meet new people!

Online games

Are you not the outdoorsy-type? No worries. We also thought of you. There is a great array of (free) online games to enjoy. Think about popular games like “Cards against humanity” or “Among us”. Another option is, where one person has to draw something and others have to guess what the person is drawing. You can use discord or zoom to talk with your friends while playing games.  

Cook together

Cooking together is a fun activity. Find a recipe that you and your friends like and let everyone buy their own ingredients. Set up your laptop or phone in the kitchen and zoom with your friends. This way you can cook together from a distance. Afterwards you can enjoy a great meal with your friends!

Hopefully activities like this are only temporary, and we’ll go back to normal soon. Need some inspiration for recipes that you can use for cooking with your friends? Check out this blog