Linda Elfrink – Recruiter EY | Why you should join a committee at Aureus

Have you ever wondered which skills you need to possess in order to get your dream job? Do you already know what recruiters seek in your resume? Read Linda her testimonial about how committee membership at Aureus will get you the job you want. 

As a corporate recruiter at EY I have learned that students who have invested in a broad personal development during their studies, show great potential for graduate positions. Also, they are often better prepared to kick-off their careers as they have already gained relevant experience and skills. The essence is that we value students who, besides taking their regular classes and exams, really make an effort of developing themselves and demonstrate entrepreneurship and proactivity. Activities such as taking part of committees are perfect ways to this and allow you to stand out in the crowd. It all goes down to taking a new challenge and challenging yourself.

Committee membership is a unique chance to develop yourself in both a personal and professional way. When you have taken a leading role in a committee as, for example a treasurer, you get to develop both your leadership and financial skills. Which will benefit you when you start an internship or any graduate position. Also, you gain a lot of contacts and learn to connect with different kinds of people. Even before you start working you already have built a strong and diverse network. And those contacts can be very valuable; perhaps you will even meet your future employer!

What I believe to be crucial is that you really learn about teamwork. Within a committee, good communication and collaboration are key. In companies such as EY we highly value teamwork. How do you for example deal with setback or conflict? These kind of struggles can teach you very important lessons of teaming. Also, you work together on a different level than within a regular study project, so you get to give and receive richer feedback. Which is in turn very beneficial for your personal development and self-reflection. I think it is very important that students are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses, because it’s the first step when you want to develop yourself.

Joining a committee is for sure a great enrichment of your resume and also offers you a lifelong network, experiences and skills that will help you in finding a job in the future.

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