Why I became a committee member at Aureus

This june, you can apply for an Aureus committee. By joining one of our committees you will have a year full of experiences, both social and practical ones. Still doubting if a committee membership is something for you? Read further to find out why Tom Doornik (IBA, 18 years old) became a committee member at Aureus.

Being a committee member of Aureus was arguably the best decision I made in my first year as a student. No, I did not write this down because I had to, this is my honest opinion, for real. Aureus gives you the opportunity to develop yourself, expand your resume, and improve your ability to handle hangovers. Having spent only a year at Aureus so far, I have already created a lot of great memories. For example, the awesome nights out and short sleeps during the winter sport trip in Italy (the 19-hour long bus drive was less of a great memory though). Another BIG advantage are the drinks (open-bar occasionally) that often end up at the Hotshots or Bubbels. These drinks enable you to meet your fellow students outside of university life and help you create a wide network. At the end of the year, it is great to see how many new friends you have made within Aureus (and the amount of new Instagram followers and Facebook friends).

I came in contact with Aureus during the introduction week, my brother (also a committee member) advised me to join the introduction weekend, which I did. This weekend was a lot of fun and made me decide to also apply to join one of the many committees Aureus has to offer. In the end, I was placed in the introduction committee and together with five others I was handed the job to organise the introduction week and weekend. Currently, we are very busy to organise the best week + weekend possible.  As a committee member, you are handed a lot of responsibilities. However, I do not see this as something negative. Aureus is the ideal place if you want to combine social activities with relevant experience during your time at university. Perfect for the student who is not willing to go through the initiation of a sorority, but is willing to make new friends and have an awesome time in general.

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