Behind the Artists of VUSE

Our faculty has gone through a huge change last summer, but you should have noticed it of course! Where we called our faculty FEWEB before, it now has a new international name called the School of Business and Economics. This change must be celebrated, which we are going to! Upcoming Wednesday, there will be a huge party in the Chicago Social Club in Amsterdam. Not only will this be a very exciting and exclusive party, but there will also be some very nice artists who are going to make the night one that you won’t forget. Keep reading and you’ll find out a lot about the two greatest artists of the evening; The Flexican, and even more about Bizzey!


The Flexican

Thomas Goethals, better known as the Flexican, was born in Mexico-City. He became fascinated by music at a very young age. When he was nine years old, he moved to the Netherlands. He attended the School for Audio Engineering in Amsterdam. The start of something great, it appeared to be. If you like to go to festivals, there probably has been one you attended where the Flexican was present. In 2004, the Flexican became more famous when he and Sef started a pop group called: Flinke Namen. Throughout the years, The Flexican perfected his eclectic style, combining hip-hop and house with many other electronic music styles. But still one of his biggest breakthroughs was the track with international DJ stars Major Lazer and FS Green. They made the song Watch out for this (Bumaye) which stayed in the top 10 in 12 countries for an average of 30 weeks!



The second artist is one you may not know by name, but definitely will after I tell you that he made the song ‘Traag’. He made this song with Kraantje Pappie last summer, and it still is a huge hit in the Netherlands. Bizzey, whose real name is Leo Roelandschap, used to be the MC of ‘Yellow Claw’, a trio that consisted of Bizzey, Nizzle and Jim Aasgier whose music genre is trap. They became a worldwide act, performing at parties or festivals like Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, and Tomorrowland. Bizzey decided to go his own way in 2016. He thought the tour of Yellow Claw was way too bizzey, I mean busy, for him. He missed his friends and family. He took some time for himself. He said he did not have time to go out anymore or live his own life. His life was all about Yellow Claw and he got pretty lost.

Yellow Claw especially had a breakthrough in America, but Bizzey could not get this done. He started to focus on just the Netherlands at the end of 2016. Bizzey got his life back on track while going out and meeting some of the Netherlands’ greatest artists in the hip-hop scene: Broederliefde and Jonna Fraser. He got in touch with the producers of New Wave: Jack Shirack and Spanker. They are also the ones who got Lil Kleine to the start of his career. Bizzey started making tracks with Jonna Fraser and his first single ‘Lekker Lekker’ came out in 2016. He also made the decision to make music in his own language. Yellow Claw used to make music in English. That’s when his song Day and Night came out.

Bizzey says he now makes music that is more women-friendly. He is very happy with the way things turned out for him. He says himself “I’m a millionaire. I think wealth is in happiness. I am a proud father, so I am a millionaire”.

After hearing all this about those artists, there are reasons enough to come and check them out in real life to see where they are now and to experience their music yourself! So, if you don’t have a ticket for VUSE yet, get yours now at for only €7.50 per ticket, including a free drink and zero extra charges for service, wardrobe, toilets, or anything else!

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