Very satisfied with Amsterdam Research Project 2019!

Last year, a couple of our consultants went to Colombia to help resolve a transportation issue for Schiphol Group. We were asked to give advice on how the transport of agricultural products could be more efficient. In this article, we talk with Roos Bakker of Schiphol Group about the positive sides of working with the Amsterdam Research Project and about their feedback. 

Did the Amsterdam Research Project meet your expectations?

The project has definitely met our expectations. After the period in Colombia, we received an advice report based on thorough research. We mentioned our lack of time to help/guide the consultants, but that was not an issue. The team kept their promises and realized goals we discussed at forehand.

What do you like about the project?

Every consultant in the project is doing their masters in Business administration. But there are a lot of specializations within this master. This diversity in studies is one of the main strengths of the project. Besides, all the participants of this project are very responsible and have an eye for quality. I found it very impressive to see that these students had such a good balance between their professional and personal life while on the road. 

What can be improved?

We literally have no clue what should be improved. It would be beneficial if the field research can be extended by one week or so but I think that is not feasible for the students.

Would you recommend the Project to others and would you participate again next year?

We definitely want to work again with the Amsterdam Research Project. Because they do research in different countries, such a project always remains attractive to us and for other companies that are in our line of business.