Unilever • Company Presentation / Kahoot

About Unilever

Making sustainable living common place, this is the purpose of Unilever. As a company we of course strive for growth, however we always want to grow sustainably. With about 400 different brands, we are one of the world’s biggest producers of food, homecare and personal care products. During our session we will give you a flavor about what it’s like to work at a large, international firm and what the possibilities are for Management Traineeships (UFLP) and Internships.

First, we will provide a short presentation to get a deeper understanding of Unilever and its operations and after we will host a Kahoot with questions about the company. This is the way to get an insight into our company in a fun and interactive way!


When: november 13th from 15:00-17:00

Where: Online

Who: All bachelor and master students

Application deadline: 30th November

If you are interested in this activity then apply via the form below!

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