Tim van Willigenburg • HR Officer

Main responsibilities:

  • Recruitment and selection of new committee members
  • Development of sustainable relationships with members
  • Personal/Professional coaching of Committee Members
  • Communication with BSc Coordinators
  • Committee coordination: Bachelor Club BK, Bachelor Club EBE, Bachelor Club IBA, Internal events, International Committee

About Tim:

I graduated from my Bachelors Business Administration back in 2017. I went on exchange to Oslo and had a great time over there. However, my bank account did not like it that much by the way. Afterwards I was really in doubt what to do next. I decided to start my Master Strategy & Organization. I did the first semester and then I decided to travel in Asia for 3 months. I have travelled to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. It was amazing and I had the time of my life.

Then the next year I had to finish my Master and therefore I did an internship at Bol.com as Business Analist. I learned a lot and developed myself personally and professionally. After finishing my Master Thesis in the second semester I was really struggling with what to do next. In my opinion, I was not ready to find a full-time job. Therefore, I decided to do a board year at Aureus. I am convinced that this will help me to give an extra boost to my professional career.

My Aureus career was very restricted before this year. I applied to be a committee member in my second year of my Bachelor, but I was unfortunately declined. However, I still visited a lot of events and made some great friends. It still felt like unfinished business for me and therefore I decided to apply for board membership at Aureus. Till this day I am very happy that I made this decision.

Besides the difficult times with COVID-19, I am still very motivated and eager to make the best out of this year. I hope to continue with the exciting adventures and development opportunities at Aureus!

[email protected]