This year’s Aureus recap!

The end of the year is here, or very close if you still have to retake exams. We hope you’ll make it with the final exams of the year, and we wish you the best of luck! We hope you have found our blogs interesting over the past year and would like to thank you for reading and showing interest in the blogs. For this academic year, this will be the last blog, so we would like to take you to a recap of the year.

Aureus social events and trips

We would like to remind you of the events that could still take place at the beginning of the year! It seems like a long time ago, but fortunately, we were still able to gather with many people and enjoy social events like drinks. The nice evenings with you in the Woody’s have been missed lately, but fortunately, we still have nice memories of the drinks at the beginning of the year! And let’s not forget about VUSE that took place in February this year. This big and crazy party took place in the WesterUnie, with Dopebwoy and Childsplay and others performing. This, along with many other great events, is an evening not to be forgotten, and we are looking forward to the next VUSE edition. Also in February, the winter sports trip took place. Because of the commitment of the members of the Sports Committee, the Aureus Wintersport to La Plagne was a great success.

Unfortunately, a lot of events could not take place. Many trips such as the European Study Trip, the Bachelor Trips, the Amsterdam Research Project, and the Graduates Development Program could not continue, despite the fact that a great deal of effort had already been made. We would like to thank the committees for all the effort they put into the preparation of these trips, and hope all these trips will be possible next year.

Aureus career and academic events 

Next to all social activities, also many career and academic-related events have been organized last academic year. Inhouse days were the perfect opportunity to meet your potential future employer. Next year we will offer inhouse days again to make it possible for you to expand your network. The Aureus Business Month in November was a month full of master pitches, challenging business cases & speaker sessions. Students and companies met each other in a fun and interactive way. And we’re looking forward to the next edition, will you be there?

In February this year, 3rd-year bachelor and master students had the opportunity to personally meet some of the selected top companies at the Zuidas. This was one of the unique career events, organized by the Commercial Team of Aureus. Then in March, the Amsterdam Career Days took place, the largest career event of Amsterdam! During this year’s edition, there were more activities and participating companies than ever before. 

A new experience

This year there was a drastic change when it was suddenly no longer possible to study and follow classes physically at the VU. Therefore, the exam week of period 4 could not continue, which asked for a lot of adaptability and flexibility from all students as well as the VU. We hope that you have persevered and that you will soon be able to enjoy your summer holidays. 

From offline to online

The VU underwent a major change and was able to adapt quickly so that all lectures could continue online. For you, but also for all professors, it took a lot of getting used to the new situation. Because of the reorganization of teaching, but also because of your contribution, it has been possible to finish all exams and courses this year. We hope that this has succeeded for everyone, despite the high work pressure.

Because offline events were no longer possible, Aureus was able to organize online events from period 5 onwards. For example, a Speaker Series took place via Zoom with Niels van Buren. In this edition, Niels van Buuren, the first man to climb Mount Everest with MS, has given us insights into how we can stimulate motivation in uncertain times. One of the other online events that took place was the online speed dating event. Participating in the online speed dating event was a unique way to meet your future employer through speed dates with different companies! 

This was it for this year’s blogs, and we’ll have interesting blogs for you again every week next year, see you then!