The most useful apps for students

From the outside, student life seems relaxed, but of course this is not the case. You’re always working on assignments, tests, timetables, and figures, among other things. 

When it comes to studying, the smartphone seems to be your biggest enemy. The device is full of distractions, making it tough to concentrate. Still, you don’t have to ban the phone from your room. Listed below, there are several applications that can be really beneficial. 


Anyone who wants to stamp words or facts quickly makes so-called flashcards. You can, of course, buy paper cards from Action to write on, but an app is much more convenient. One of the best options for that is Quizlet. With this app you can add questions and answers yourself, or use existing material.

The app is free to download and use, but a membership at 41.99 per year unlocks additional features including scanning documents and adding images.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a wonderful app to keep all your notes together. Think of this app as a kind of ring binder, but on your smartphone. You create courses and per course you have tabs with colors. This allows you to keep track of each lecture separately, but still keep your notes organized. Please note that you need a Microsoft account to use the app.


Do you have trouble concentrating? Then an app such as Forest is a solution. This app helps you not to look at your phone. The idea is that you plant a digital tree, which grows as soon as you engage in your chosen activity and don’t look at your smartphone. Ideal to use during your studies.

Microsoft Math Solver or Photomath

The Microsoft Math Solver or Photomath app comes to the rescue when you get stuck in math. You can fill in the formula by drawing or typing, but you can also just take a picture. Then the app helps with the solution. This is done step by step, so that you also learn something from it.


As a student you are entitled to all kinds of discounts. The Studentenkorting app collects those discounts for you, so you never pay too much. For example, you can score a laptop or a software package cheaply and you can even see what the local deals are per city.

If you are unfamiliar with these applications, try them out to bring some order to the everyday chaos of being a student. Goodluck!