The future of your studies

Now that the academic year is almost over, it is time to prepare for the next one. Do you want to have a tangible impact on your studies at SBE? Here is what you can do.

Know what the future brings

This year we all needed to adjust our approach to studying overnight. As the opportunity for on-campus learning returns, we will not ‘go back’ to where we were before. Instead, the VU transitions to a mix of online and on-campus education, getting the best of both worlds. This is where the Impact Lab, a collaborative online platform, steps in for the VU community to envision a new future for our education system together.

Make your voice heard

Impact Lab platform is where you can make your voices heard and be part of the change. Impact Lab features four challenges: learning tools, motivation, organizational support, and social connections. Every student, faculty, and staff member can sign in with a VU email address and contribute to one or more challenges. After joining the platform, you can share your ideas, comment to improve others’ ideas and vote, for the most promising solutions.

Create your Future of Learning

Think about the changes you’d like to see at SBE, use the challenge questions, or focus on your personal experiences to come up with an idea. Don’t be shy to post ideas that don’t perfectly fit one of the challenges. Find the most relevant one, post it there, and ask others to chime in. The platform is meant to help ideas evolve through collaboration and feedback from the community. When someone else’s comment adds significantly, edit your idea to bring it to the assessment stage in great shape. Top ideas will be implemented at SBE the next academic year.

Make a change and get awarded

Each community member can vote for their favorite solutions on the platform. The winning ideators will be awarded, along with those who contributed a lot to developing other participants’ ideas.

Get inspired

Register for our brainstorming session on the 4th of June from 4 to 4.30 pm to get into the mood and practice creative problem-solving with your peers. Bring your favorite drink, make yourself comfortable, and have fun generating ideas in Breakout rooms. Don’t forget to register to have one last opportunity to moan about this year’s remote study experience and channel this frustration towards generating out-of-the-box ideas and revolutionizing the Future of Learning in SBE!

Check out thevideo or register forthe brainstorming session to get inspired. Make your voices heard, connect with the VU community, and most importantly, revolutionize the Future of Learning!