Sebastiaan Kaandorp • Innovation Officer & Secretary

Main responsibilities:

  • Focusing on the long-term vision and strategy
  • Supporting fellow board members in functional policy making
  • Ad hoc project management to improve the association
  • Gathering and analysing survey data
  • Development of a sustainable alumni network
  • Aureus counsellor
  • Committee coordination: Alumni, ARP, EST, TEDxVU, Master Club HRM/Marketing


My name is Sebastiaan Kaandorp and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in the northern part of Amsterdam, where I currently still live. At the VU, I have completed my Bachelor’s in International Business Administration with a specialization in Strategy and Organisation. Also, I have been on exchange for a semester in the fourth year of my studies at Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea.

Over the course of my Bachelor’s, I have only done one committee at Aureus, namely the Almanac committee. I regret not joining the association sooner because I think I could have made much more of my time as a Bachelor’s student, especially since I have had to study for a long time online due to COVID. With the goal of catching up on the social connections that I missed during the COVID-era, while developing myself professionally, I decided to sign-up for a board year. At first, I was in doubt about whether to do so, as it seemed to be a massive leap out of my comfort zone. However, outside of your comfort zone, you learn the most! In addition, I did not want to do a Master’s yet, so I thought this would be the perfect solution for a gap year between my Bachelor’s and Masters. Moreover, being part of the board for a whole year will allow me to expand my social network, develop myself professionally, make valuable connections, and make memories for the rest of my life!

I have been appointed as the Innovation Officer and Secretary of the 74th Board of Aureus and I could not have been more proud and excited for the year ahead. My responsibilities will mostly revolve around the general and functional policies that we as a board will be pursuing over the course of the year in order to improve the association, gather and analyse survey data, ad hoc project management if anything interesting or urgent pops up, and the supervision of a few committees: Alumni committee, Amsterdam Research Project, European Study Trip, TEDxVUAmsterdam 2023, and the Master Club for HRM/Marketing. In this role, I have a lot of freedom, which enables me to leave my mark on the year and the association as a whole. Yet, I have to be wary to not enjoy my freedom too much, such that at the end of the year I can be proud of all those things I have contributed to and completed during the year. This is not an easy task, but I am confident that I will succeed in making the most of the upcoming year in every possible way!

Feel free to reach out whenever you have a question or you would like to chat, I love meeting new people!




[email protected]