Philine Boerboom • Controller

Main responsibilities:

  • Financial administration of Aureus
  • Financially supervising the controllers of all committees
  • Aureus Counsellor
  • Committee coordination: Amsterdam Research Project, European Study Trip, Masterclubs Marketing & Accounting – Control

About Philine:

Hi! My name is Philine and I am the Controller of the 73rd Aureus Board. In 2018 I started my bachelor Business Administration at the VU and in my second year I decided to join a committee at Aureus. I became the secretary of the Commercial Team and did some marketing and acquisition tasks. Together with my fellow committee members, one of which was Lize, we organized the Zuidas Tour and an online Speed Date Event. During this year I acquired a lot of new skills, knowledge and above all had an amazing time with fellow Aureus members.

In my second year as an Aureus member I was the chairwoman of the Bachelor Club BK. Due to Covid-19 we had to be creative in organizing our events. It was a challenge, but with the hard work of a motivated committee we made it a success. When that year came to an end and I got my degree in Business Administration, I found that I was not ready to start a master’s degree yet. Therefore, I applied for the 73rd Board of Aureus.

I am always down for a coffee, so please feel free to contact me if you want to have a chat! 😉