Max Cristina • Chairman

Main responsibilities:

  • Development and implementation of a long-term vision and strategy
  • Maintain contact with main stakeholders & other (faculty) organizations
  • Coordination of the board
  • Selection of the board 2023-2024
  • Committee coordination: ADP, Selection Committee, Master Club MC + S&O, NCC

Hi everyone,

My name is Max Cristina and I am the chairman of the 74th board of Aureus. Currently, I just finished my bachelor of International Business Administration with a specialization in Strategy & Organization. I am originally from Amersfoort, and after high school I moved to the United States for two years to play NCAA D1 Volleyball for two years. After two years and being done with playing volleyball every day, I decided to move back to Amsterdam and start a study at the VU. 

I got in touch with Aureus for the first time during the introduction days of the VU which immediately sparked my interest in the association. In the first year, I decided to not join a committee which I kind of regretted afterwards. In my second year, I was wise enough to join the commercial team, which I perceived as an enrichment of my study experience. Unfortunately, due to Corona there were not that many social events, however I had several drinks with my committee which was really fun. 

In my third year, for the first semester I went on exchange to Hong Kong, which was an unbelievable experience and I was very fortunate to even go due to the still ongoing pandemic at the time. After my exchange, I decided to join an Aureus committee again which was the Almanac committee. It was nice that even though I missed the first half of the year, I still was able to easily blend into this committee and contribute to a nice yearbook. 

During my final year of my bachelor’s, I was already contemplating what I wanted to do afterwards. I felt like I wanted to gain some more valuable practical experience before starting my Masters and therefore I was doubting between a board year and an internship. In the end I believed that doing a board year would be a much better opportunity to gain practical skills in terms of leading a large association. I was fortunate enough to be selected for the board and I was appointed as Chairman.

As a Chairman I am responsible for the coordination of the board, as well as overseeing the long term strategy and vision of Aureus. Furthermore, I maintain contact with the main stakeholders of the association, other study associations, and the faculty board of the SBE.

I am excited for this upcoming year with hopefully mostly offline events! I’m always open for a cup of coffee or anything else so feel free to contact me! 


[email protected]