Dion in ‘t Veld • Digital Systems Officer

Main responsibilities: 

  • Management and integration of current IT systems
  • Maintaining the IT to support the innovativeness of Aureus
  • Committee coordination: Master Clubs, Sports committee, Introduction Committee, Master Weekend

About Dion: 

Hey there, my name is Dion in ‘t Veld and I am 21 years old. This year I will be the digital systems officer of the 72nd board of Aureus. I am already in the association for 3.5 years now. 3.5 years ago, I moved from Zeeland to Amsterdam to start my bachelor business administration. When I was doing the introduction week, I directly decided I wanted to join Aureus. I did this especially to meet new friends since moving from the south of the Netherlands where it is really quiet to Amsterdam is a big step. I definitely met a lot of new people during my time at Aureus and especially in the beginning it really helped me a lot.

I started Aureus in the bachelor BK committee, where we organized drinks, inhousedays, and a weekend trip to Cologne. I definitely learned a lot during my first year, and I had so much fun on the drinks and trips. In my second year, I was placed in the internal events committee. Since I really liked the parties in my first year, I was very happy to do this committee. We organized a lot of drinks and of course a really nice CMW, Gala and Slot. In my third year of my bachelor, I went on Exchange to University of Massachusetts in the United States, where I really had the American college experience. When I came back, I started thinking about doing a board year. I knew I was going to finish my bachelor that year and I wasn’t ready for a master program yet. After having several conversations with old board members, I realized doing a board year was exactly what I was looking for. After the interviews, I was chosen to be the digital systems officer (Side Note: this definitely wasn’t my first choice but I am really happy to do it).

So, as the digital systems officer of Aureus, I am responsible for maintaining and improvement of the IT systems. This year, this will be very interesting since we are going to build a new website. Next to that, I supervise the Sports committee, the Introduction committee, the Master Introduction weekend and two Master clubs.

If you have any questions regarding a board year or anything else, feel free to contact me for a cup of coffee or anything else.


[email protected]